Compass launches its blended learning package addressed to care managers

 “Approximately half the world’s population lacks access to essential health care. For health care to be truly universal, it requires a shift from health systems designed around diseases and health institutions towards health systems designed for people. A renewed focus on service delivery through an integrated and people-centred lens is critical to achieving this, particularly for reaching underserved and marginalized populations to ensure that no one is left behind.”

Why enroll in the Compass training  “Care managers as drivers of PCC”? 

The Compass training aims to equip European managers with skills to lead the adoption of PCC approaches. Upon completing the training, you will: 

  • Strengthen your capacity to cultivate relationships between you and your staff based on shared PCC values.
  • Learn how to inspire and motivate care workers to innovate and challenge consolidated practices.
  • Develop your capacity to connect with users and family carers in a way that promotes mutual growth, dignity, and wellbeing.

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