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Implementing Person-Centred Care in Healthcare Settings: Strategies and Challenges

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Greetings everyone,

As we strive to enhance the quality of healthcare delivery, adopting person-centred care approaches stands paramount. This forum explores the strategies and challenges of implementing person-centred care in various healthcare settings.

From hospitals to community clinics, the transition towards person-centred care requires a shift in organizational culture, policies, and practices. Some key strategies that have shown promise include fostering patient-provider partnerships, promoting shared decision-making, and integrating patient preferences into care plans. However, amidst these endeavours, challenges inevitably arise.

What obstacles have you encountered in your efforts to implement person-centred care? Is resistance from healthcare providers a common barrier? How do we navigate resource constraints and time pressures while prioritizing patient-centredness?

Let's use this space to share insights, lessons learned, and innovative approaches to overcoming challenges in implementing person-centred care. 

Looking forward to an enriching discussion!

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I think that bringing attention to the practical application of person-centred care methods is very important.
In Italy, although the relevance of this approach is recognised, there are still no uniform methods, and this results to be the responsibility of individual organisations and care managers, with large differences across the Italian territory.

Surely starting to talk about it together can be a significant input. Thank you! 😊 

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I would say that one of the main challenges is shifting from the usual practices, changing approach and success indicators. A joint effort of care managers and care workers is needed to reach this goal!