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Esta guía está dirigida al conjunto de profesionales de centros residenciales y pretende servir de apoyo para activar de manera respetuosa el proyecto de vida de las personas mayores que viven en residencias.


July 11, 2024

DEMWELL: well-being in dementia

E-learning and on-the-job training that accompanies the care team on a daily basis to apply the Person-Centred Approach to people living with dementia.


Principles of person-centered care

This animation discribes the pronciples of person centred care


Let’s talk about person-centred care | Caring with Confidence: The Code in Action

This animation discusses person-centered care and what it means for healthcare professionals


O Impacto da Liderança no Desempenho Organizacional em Contexto de Pandemia Caso de estudo da Residência Sénior Avós Arco-íris

This study seeks to understand the impact of leadership on the organisational performance of a residential facility for the elderly (ERPI), in a pandemic context, through the analysis of information and emotions transcribed by the members involved in the investigation, and the degree of satisfaction of the direct action assistants (AADs) with the institution’s leadership. A mixed methodological approach was adopted, based on the theoretical framework developed in a case study. This resulted in the following question: With the impact of the pandemic crisis, is the role of the ERPI leader considered significant in influencing and motivating employees? Based on the data obtained, it is concluded that the democratic leadership style was adopted, given the pandemic context and the adversities experienced. The technical management has played a fundamental role in the general well-being of the institution, in troubled times, and there has been unity among the multidisciplinary group with a common goal, the well-being of the older person.

March 27, 2024

Gestione, sviuppo e valorizzazione delle competenze del middle management del SSN

Research report on middle management profiles in the Italian context and comparison with the European and US context. Application of the Spencer model to research on the profiles and skills to be developed for successful management.

Standard per la leadership

The Leadership Standard helps those in positions of responsibility to achieve leadership excellence in health care organisations that concretely intend to organise their services in a client- and family-centred manner. The contents of the standard are based on research and good practice and are aligned with the “Framework for the Analysis of Management in Health Care Organisations and Proposed Standards for Practice” topic analysed and developed by J.L. Denis et al. (2006).

Noul profil profesional al îngrijitorilor persoanelor vârstnice și instrumentul de evaluare a competențelor

The professional profiling of elderly carers and the competency assessment tool were developed within the Tenderness for Life project with Erasmus+ funding. The Elderly care worker new job profile and competences tool framework includes key exercises to measure elderly care workers’ performance and skills assessment (with correspondence to behavioural descriptors) to measure its level of proficiency. This provides care providers key information to manage their care workers and to identify training, support and supervision needs in the process of delivering of more dignified care to older adults.

Capital social, envelhecimento activo e dinâmicas

This review brings person-centred care approaches and assessment to the spotlight, listing a series of validated tools that have been applied to beneficiaries and professionals in care facilities.

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